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Paths to Licensure

Minnesota teaching licenses are granted by the Minnesota Department of Education. There are temporary licensure options for new Chinese teachers, including a Temporary Limited License or a Non-Licensed Community Expert. There are several routes to full licensure offered at the University of Minnesota, depending on your prior training. These options are described below. Currently, there are two licensure programs for Chinese Language licensure in Minnesota. The University of Minnesota and St. Cloud State University both have programs available. Additionally, licensure via portfolio is an option, offered through the Minnesota Department of Education and the Minnesota Board of Teaching, allowing teachers to gain licensure without a college recommendation.

University of Minnesota College of Education and Human Development

Initial Licensure Program

The second languages and cultures education (SLC) initial licensure program at the University of Minnesota is designed to help enrolled students become accomplished professional second language educators for grades K-12. The program integrates the fields of world languages and English as a Second Language (ESL), enabling teachers from both fields to learn from each other. Theory and practice are also linked through concurrent coursework and student teaching—a nationally recognized approach to teacher education.

Alternative Pathway to Licensure

This program is designed for teachers of high-demand languages in Minnesota schools, such as Arabic, Mandarin Chinese, and Spanish. This program admits individuals who are employed in schools on temporary licenses, allowing them to complete a K - 12 license in a World Language, or in ESL while continuing to teach.

Additional Licensure in Chinese

This program is for teachers who hold a current Minnesota teaching license, but are not licensed in a world language and wish to add licensure to teach a world language to students in grades K-8 or K-12. Candidates for this program must be licensed in Minnesota to teach at the elementary level or to teach subject matter other than a world language at the middle-school or high-school levels prior to enrollment in the additional licensure program.

Masters of Education

This program is designed for licensed teachers, and language instructors who are not required to be licensed.

The application forms to all of these programs can be downloaded and are fairly easy to complete. If teachers want to go over their options or wish to know how many courses they will need to take, they can meet with Susan Ranney.