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Teaching and Assessing Chinese Culture and Language Authentically

Online: June 20-22
On-site: June 25-July 3
Instructional Days and Hours: 10 Days, 60 hours


In this FREE two-week program, Chinese language teachers will learn about integrating culture and language instruction to achieve cultural learning in the classroom. The 2018 STARTALK program will use a blended model with four online and six face-to-face (residential) instructional days.

The goal of STARTALK Teaching and Assessing Chinese Culture and Language Authentically (TACCLA) is to improve the participants’ ability to rethink their curriculum and instruction in ways that will enhance their students’ language proficiency levels while integrating elements of culture learning at the same time. This program will use proficiency-oriented principles of language teaching, which are aligned with the ACTFL standards. Participants will learn to identify and enact the characteristics of strong, contemporary approaches to culture teaching in proficiency-based instruction in U.S. classrooms.

Program details and additional information can be found here.

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