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Why Study Chinese?

There are many compelling reasons to study Chinese. Many people simply enjoy studying foreign languages. Chinese is partcularly facinating because of its beautiful handwriting, melodic spoken language, and poetic phrasing. There are also very practical reasons to acquire another language and Chinese is increasingly important to our current and future dialogue with China. According to the Asia Society, “The rise of China presents new economic, political and social realities that demand greater U.S. engagement at every level. As the foundation of that engagement, we urgently need to raise the number of Americans who can demonstrate a functional proficiency in Chinese.”

China’s long history—more than 5,000 years—and its splendid traditions in literature, the arts, and cuisine make learning to speak Chinese an exploration and adventure. It is the most widely spoken first language in the world!

Here are few more reasons to study Chinese compiled by Professor Liang Tao of Ohio University:

Chinese Is Easy, Fun, and Interesting!

Chinese Is Important For Your Career!

Chinese Is Useful!

Chinese Is Most Spoken Language In The World!