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National Security Language Initiative for Youth (NSLI-Y)

Highlights from the Summer 2017 Shanghai Program

Week 1

The 25 students in Shanghai spent a busy yet very meaningful first week. On Monday, June 26, the students welcomed U.S. Consulate public affairs officer Joshua Lustig and intern Emily Morley to the program site. In addition to learning about the U.S. Department of State and Foreign Service careers, the students engaged in conversation with Ms. Morley, who is a NSLI-Y alum for both summer and academic-year programs.

The students have been working very hard on their Chinese language. Students have been placed in three classes based on their proficiency and in each class, there is a teacher and a classroom assistant to provide them with more opportunity for authentic learning with native speakers. The peer tutors visit the program two or three times per week to assist students in completing their street interviews. The first week’s street interview is “first impression of Shanghai.” Students interviewed all kinds of people and started real communication with Chinese people.

The NSLI-Y students participated in cultural experiential learning doing Tai Chi and making of herbal sachets. The making of herbal sachet has had more than two thousands of years’ history, and the herbal sachet has both medical and social functions. This cultural activity is the first of the three-part culture learning on traditional Chinese medicine. NSLI-Y students will visit an herbal medicine garden as well as a traditional Chinese medicine university in the later parts of the program.

Finally, students visited an international folklore exhibition hall and learned via interactive media about Chinese culture as well as folk culture from all over the world. As one student pointed in their daily writing, “Now I understand the broad scope of Chinese culture and it has many different aspects.”

The students are heading to Hangzhou for a weekend excursion on Saturday and will be back on Sunday.



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The NSLI-Y program is sponsored by the U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs.