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Confucius Institute Holds First Online YCT Test Session

Between May 20 and May 30, 2013 the Confucius Institute held a series of YCT tests at four of its Confucius Classrooms sites. The tests involved bands two, three and four with 90 students taking the tests. For the very first time, at Xin Xing Academy, the CIUMN provided the YCT in an online format, which marked the beginning of the gradual paper-to-Internet conversion of YCT tests in the future.

The YCT is specifically designed for K-12 students whose first language is not Chinese for the purpose of testing their abilities of using Chinese in the school and daily life settings. The successful administration of the first online YCT ensured the determination of changing future tests to online which will be more economical and efficient for schools and the students.

YCT testing