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Asia Society's Chris Livaccari Visits CIUMN

The The Confucius Institute welcomed Asia Society's Director of Education and Chinese Language Initiatives, Chris Livaccari on March 8 and 9. Mr. Livaccari brought his international language learning experiences and passion for teaching to two great professional workshops for teachers and administrators at the University International Center.

Workshop participantsAt the March 8 Annual Administrators' Conference, Mr. Livaccari discussed the need for a modern perspective in Chinese language programs across America, and the imperative for new and existing programs to have strong, forward looking foundations in order to create the deepest educational impact.

At the March 9 professional development for Chinese language teachers, Mr. Livaccari shared his personal wealth of techniques for immersion method teaching and the need to teach students to be linguists rather than language speakers.

Thank you to Chris Livaccari for the excellent programs and to everyone who participated in the workshops. For more articles and webcasts by Mr. Livaccari, please visit the Asia Society's Chinese Language Initiative webpage.