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Annual China Day

On April 15th, the Confucius Institute at the University of Minnesota (CIUMN) held the annual China Day at the O’Shaughnessy Auditorium. More than 600 students from 8 high schools throughout Minnesota participated in the event. The keynote speaker, Jim Harkness from the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy, delivered a speech on China’s role in the global food economy.

Jim Harkness discussed China's role in the global food economy, as well as Chinese food itself and how diets and food culture have changed since his first visit in 1976. He is the president of the Institute for Agriculture and Trade Policy. He served as executive director of the World Wildlife Fund in China from 1999-2005. Harkness has written and spoken frequently on China and sustainable development, and has served as an advisor to the World Bank and the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization.

China Day was closed by playing the Iron Chef submission videos from the schools. The creativity and enthusiasm of the students for the topics on China and Chinese food put the event to an ending.

China Day is an annual event for high school students studying Chinese. The goal of the event is to encourage Chinese language learning and promote interest in Chinese culture among high school students in Minnesota. This is accomplished by selecting a Chinese-related theme and producing a program that includes a presentation on the theme and student participation.


Students at China Day 2013
Jim Harkness at China Day
Jim Harkness at China Day 2013