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Our Dream of the Red Chamber study guides can be used to:

The study guides focus on two of the most iconic scenes from the novel, which are also told in the Western opera:

Daiyu’s Arrival

Through this chapter, students will gain the knowledge of the Chinese literature format known as xiaoshuo (小说), as well as the social and historical context of the novel. They will also learn how to discern the personalities of characters from a text and practice how to create characters in their own writing.

Download here.

daiyu's arrival

Concubine Jia’s Visit Home

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Additional Resources:

Commission of the Western Opera


Yan Huang, Yangyang Liu, Jin Wu are three incredible students from the University of Minnesota and the main authors of these study guides. CIUMN would also like to send a special thank you to Margaret M. Wong and Professor Ann Waltner who provided critical feedback during the writing stages.


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